- for you that didn't come for the dancing

WHAT is Skanque?

Skanque is your new drinking game! It's free, it's easy to use and best of all it's open-source!

Since 2008 it has gotten a lot of people drunk (in Aarhus, Denmark) and now it's time it hits the international market. Where there is alcohol, there are skanks, and therefore there should be Skanque.

The Skanque slogan is: "for you that didn't come for the dancing", which refers to a danish expression concerning the fact that one comes to a party to drink, not to dance.


Skanque is (relatively) frequently updated on the SourceForge project site for Skanque.

13th December 2009: A new version has just shipped. Skanque Christmas Edition! Get it NOW!

HISTORY of Skanque

Skanque started out as a console-based game. The initial development was driven by the fact that I, Jesenko Mehmedbasic, did not have any cards in my appartment at that given time. So the obvious solution was to implement a quick solution to the problem at hand.

I needed a drinking game and that's what the initial version was: a console based drinking game with only hardcoded functionality.

A few days later I created the same game in Swing, and I have since that day used it along with some of my friends.

Development was slow and I made some very bad design choices in the process along with making (what then looked like genius) stupid experiments, that all failed. Until the 24th of june, almost all development has been scratched.

On the 24th of june 2009 I rolled back my cvs repository to a early version, and went from there.

It's now fully functioning, and ready to go.

HELP Wanted

If you enjoyed Skanque and want to support further development of the game, you can donate money to the project via paypal (see below for email). I accept any amount of money, even if it's merely symbolic amounts, it's the thought that counts

Also if you want to support me without having to pay, feel free to contact me if you have one or more of following skills (and want to work on the project):
  • Java programmer especially Swing
  • Translation - help make Skanque internationalized
  • Graphics designer - help pimping the GUI
  • Beta tester - get the latest and the greatest beta for testing
You can also help by merely spreading the word!


Bug reports are greatly appreciated! Report any bugs, functional as well as graphical, to [at]